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From the start, we have been a reliable source for homeowners’ septic issues. We have also become the leading choice for commercial and industrial customers. Whether you just need your septic system pumped or you have other concerns, we can help.

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• Septic FAQS •

Q. The most frequently asked question – How often does my septic tank need to be pumped?
One thousand (1,000) gallons is the standard size septic system. A typical family of four would need to have their septic system pumped every two years.
Q. How do I know when I am going to have a back-up?

Anyone that has had a backup knows how unpleasant they are. A few key warning signs to help you avoid a septic backup:

• You can hear gurgling in the sink drains

• Toilets do not flush as well as they have in the past

• There’s a wet spot in the lawn by the septic tank

Q. Is it true that I have to put an additive in the septic tank every month?
This is a question that should be answered on case by case basis. Call us to find out about your system’s specific needs.
Q. Can my septic system be pumped any time of year?
Yes, but the best time to have your system pumped is from early April through November 30th.
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